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Michael Distefano 26 Nov

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What has your home done for you lately? Let us help you save thousands !

Monthly savings of $1,933.38 Annual savings of $23,332.56

Who do you owe? What do you owe? What do you pay?
First Mortgage $276,200.00 $1,332.76
Second Mortgage $34,200.00 $340.00
Line of Credit $15,200.00 $454.00
Credit Cards $47,995.00 $1,439.85
$373,195.00 $3,556.61

Here’s what it looks like with our help!

Monthly savings of $1,933.38 Annual savings  $23,332.56

Who do you owe? What do you owe? What do you pay?
First Mortgage $276,200.00 $0.00
Second Mortgage $34,200.00 $0.00
Line of Credit $15,200.00 $0.00
Credit Cards $47,995.00 $00.00
New Mortgage $373,195.00 $1,622.23

Monthly savings of $1,933.38 Annual savings of $23,332.56


  • Buy a vacation home or investment property.
  • Invest in your child’s education.
  • Renovate.
  • Consolidate outstanding debt.
  • Take advantage of lower interest rates to save you money.

But first you’ll need to calculate how much equity you have in your home. Meaning, the price for which your home could be sold on the market today, less any debts registered against the property, such as mortgages and secured credit lines.

Here is a basic calculation to help you determine your amount of equity:

Current market value – all debts registered against it = Available Equity

How much of my equity can I use?

You may qualify to refinance up to 85% of the value of your home. We service All of Niagara region and Greater Toronto.

Debt Consolidation

With the significant appreciation in housing prices over the past decade, many Canadians are taking advantage of low interest rates and lender refinance programs.
Although debt consolidation is not a suitable option for everyone, you may want to carefully consider whether refinancing your home to pay off credit card debt, loans or line of credit would make sense in your circumstances. You may be surprised by the amount of money you can save.

Benefits include:

  • a single monthly payment rather than multiple payments
  • lower interest rates
  • money left over to invest

Home Improvements

Whether you’re looking to increase your living space, make much needed repairs, or invest in energy efficient upgrades, home renovations can help improve your quality of life, all without moving.
Whatever the scope of your project, your Dominion Lending Centres specialist will work with you to help you find cost effective financing options to help you achieve your renovation goals.

Lifestyle Renovation

Additions and remodels are a great way to incorporate new life and style to any home. And renovating may be a more practical and cost-efficient solution than moving, especially if you like where you live. From additions to increase kitchen, bedroom, or family room space to finishing the basement, or creating an outdoor living room, your Dominion Lending Centres specialist can help.

Retrofit Projects

You can significantly reduce your energy consumption by retrofitting your existing home with high-tech insulating materials and heating equipment to make your home more comfortable and reduce your operating costs for years to come. Enjoy the benefits of your energy efficient home:

  • Increased comfort level
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased equity/re-sale value
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Maintenance and Repair Renovations

While maintenance and repair renovations aren’t really a choice – they are part of owning a home and protecting your investment. The renovations may also increase your equity and/or re-sale value.
Regardless of your reason, we’re here to help you find the financing you need.

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