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Mortgage Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage means renegotiating your existing mortgage loan agreement. You might do this to consolidate debts, or you could use the equity in your property to increase your mortgage loan amount for large expenses. By refinancing at the end of your current mortgage term, you may be able to avoid prepayment charges.

Should I refinance my mortgage?

Whether it’s a Mortgage or a Home Equity Line, refinancing can help with certain goals: Debt consolidation. Merge higher interest debts into one manageable payment with a lower interest rate.
Home renovations. Get the money you need to renovate or make repairs.
Investing. Take advantage of an investment opportunity (speak to your tax advisor first).

The pros and cons of refinancing

Pros of refinancing
Cons of refinancing
Access the equity you’ve built up in your home.
Increasing the amount you are borrowing may lengthen the time it takes to pay off your mortgage.
Consolidate your debts and lower your overall interest rate.
Your overall interest rate might be lower but the amount owing on your mortgage may be higher.
Possibly get a lower interest rate and pay less for your mortgage over time.
There may be additional costs, including a prepayment charge.

Consider the cost to refinance

Before you decide on refinancing your  Mortgage or a  Home Equity Line, be sure to look at all potential costs. Prepayment charges may apply if the agreement is ended before the term is done. There may also be associated fees for mortgage registration and property valuation.  But if you’re able to take advantage of lower interest rates, your overall savings may make it worthwhile.

How much can I borrow through a refinance?

Over the years, you’ve been building up equity in your home by paying down a portion of the principal with every payment. The amount of money you can borrow by refinancing is up to 80% of the equity you have in your home, subject to any additional charges.

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