General Michael Distefano 6 Mar

Dominion Lending Centres BTB Mortgage Solutions 4849 Jepson St Niagara Falls 905 357 5366 Mortgage Insurance Premiums. Many people know what they are- an extra cost to you the borrower. But not many people realize how they are calculated. Understanding the premium charges and how they are calculated will help lead you to making […]

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Welcome Home Niagara Home ownership Program

General Michael Distefano 5 Feb

  Did you know we can use the with some of our mortgage loan products ? The purpose of the Home ownership Program is to: Make home ownership a reality for low to moderate income households in Niagara Ease the demand for rental housing by assisting renter households to buy affordable houses Offer down payment […]

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General Michael Distefano 25 Jan

Not surprisingly, borrowers often default to their own Banker. And why not? It’s an established and comfortable relationship. Perhaps it’s viewed as the path of least resistance. But is it the right lender for the borrower’s current specific needs? Perhaps not. More sophisticated borrowers may be of a size or scale that they have their […]

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Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement by Bloomberg 17 Jan 201

General Michael Distefano 17 Jan

Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement by Bloomberg 17 Jan 2018 The Bank of Canada pushed forward with another quarter-point interest rate increase and said more hikes are likely coming, even as it cautioned it isn’t in any rush to return rates to more normal levels. Policy makers led by Governor Stephen Poloz increased […]

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General Michael Distefano 13 Dec

Mortgage brokers have a reputation as superheroes. Although we cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound we can do extraordinary things. Is the down payment money coming from outside of Canada? I had a client who had a joint account with her father in Japan. She showed me bank statements with the money in […]

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Big Mortgage Changes COMING Jan. 1, 2018

General Michael Distefano 11 Dec

Big Mortgage Changes COMING Jan. 1, 2018 There has been significant press coverage around upcoming changes to mortgage lending rules that will take effect Jan. 1, 2018. These rules will affect many more people than most realize. They will affect people seeking a mortgage most obviously, but they will also affect those with a mortgage […]

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Consider an Early mortgage renewal or refinance… Here’s why!

General Michael Distefano 27 Oct

Starting January 1st, 2018, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) will be tightening the qualifying guidelines for mortgages, regardless if your mortgage is CMHC insured or not. OSFI has stated that starting January 1st, every prospective home owner, regardless of the amount of down payment, will have to qualify at the inflated qualifying […]

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General Michael Distefano 17 Sep

Want to win $100,000? That’s the message Dominion Lending Centre is sending potential clients as part of their unique marketing initiative: Its NHL hockey pool that is set to commence today.   The free hockey pool is just one more way Dominion Lending Centresis reaching out directly to Canadians and building our brand and, to […]

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